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Spandex and Sports Bras: Tumblr Tuesday - The All Girl Edition →


My 7th week of Tumblr Tuesday and not only am I still not going to repeat any of my previous recs (yet) because everyone I follow is so awesome, I even have enough here for a “theme” week! LOL

What really amazed me though was that I thought of this idea a day or two ago and then last night pretty much everyone I am going to rec today posted the most awesome stuff ever so the karma of the universe is in full swing! Off we go…

(EDITORIAL COMMENT: BAH! I had wanted to BOLD the word GIRL in every link below, but when I did, the html code makes them non-clickable links. But everyone gets the idea, right? You all read comics, you’re all smart!) - Number one crush this week. Already was high on my list for awesome comic book content, but went over the top this week with the day she did the women of sci-fi spam day. That was soooo awesome! - told me last week I was her first and only follower so far and this is so very wrong because it’s HAWKGIRL we’re talking about here! Please follow and give this great tumblr some more followers! - because it’s NOT ALL about Power Girl (for that you want, but it is about great posts and great comments! - wonderful artist, great commentator on comics. She draws for her followers! - although NOT angergirl :), her posts this week about being AN angry girl should be required reading. Please keep doing what you are doing, everyone should have… ahem… your balls (including moi) to keep the comic companies honest! - although she said people should unfollow her this week if they don’t like personal commentary mixed with comics stuff, I’m saying that’s why you SHOULD follow her… and um… Sailor Moon! LOL - shhhhhh! I know it’s not in my theme for today, but it’s so friggin’ long overdue, you have to put up with it! Deal or unfollow! (Thanks SSG, I learned from the best! LOL)

Oh my god why did I have a stupid cold and miss this earlier?  I have been a gross reblog machine and haven’t been posting anything good because I’m in and out of bed all day but THANK YOU, this made my night!  I am seriously in amazing company on this list.

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